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Place willow mats

You ordered your willow mats online at TuinChamp, right? Now you have to install them. That is very simple! We will gladly explain in a number of steps how you do this.

Placing willow mats does not have to take much time. After all, the willows are already bound together with binding wire. So only a confirmation of the willow mat is required. The willow mats of TuinChamp vary between 3 and 5 meters long and 1 and 2 meters high. Depending on the size you have purchased, it may be helpful to ask your neighbor to help!

Create willow mat

The very first step is to tailor the willow mats. You may not have a 2 meter high fence, but one of 1.80 cm. No problem! You can easily cut the willow branches with a pruning shears or small wood saw or jigsaw. The latter gives the best result.

However, if you also want to tailor the length of the willow mats, keep in mind that you will cut the binding wire of the willow mat at a minimum of 10 centimeters from the desired length, for example with pliers. You can now easily remove the willow branches and reattach the stitching.

Where is the willow mat placed?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when you want to place a willow mat. The correct installation of a willow mat depends on the material to which you are going to attach it.

Open surface

Will you attach the willow mat to a mesh panel or concrete mesh? Then you can best use binding wire. Have you not ordered yet? Put this product in your shopping cart and you can start immediately! The wire of galvanized steel is passed between the willows and over the binding wire of the mat. Then simply attach them to the mesh panel or concrete mesh you are using. Did you not order a binding thread and would you like to get started? Tyraps work too!

Place willow mat against fence

Placing a willow mat against a fence is also very easy. Do you use nails or wire clips for this . You can also order these from us! You place the wire clips over the binding wire and the willow slab and store them with a hammer in the fence. You can of course also apply this method of installation to a ceiling, wall or other surface that is made of wood or can be hammered into. You can also use a staple gun if you have it in the garage!

After installation

Of course you would like your willow mats to stay beautiful for a long time. It is useful to bear in mind that you do not place your willow mat directly on the ground. Your willow mats can get wet and rot because of rain or snow. That not only does not look good, but also does not promote the life of your willow mats!

It is also important to secure your willow mats well. It may seem logical, but we often see that people want to save on the fastening material and, for example, do not purchase a second roll of binding wire. Do that especially, it always comes in handy again. So secure your willow mats well with enough fastening material, that will benefit the life span!

Any questions?

After reading our instructions, do you still have questions about the placement of willow mats or perhaps about which natural garden separation you have to buy? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you! Call 0547-795065 or mail to .